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During the last years a number of identification keys and photographic archives were created and made available on the internet. The robber fly photo-atlas presented here will become part of this collection, although it is published on a CD-ROM as an unalterable medium. The general circulation of browser software and the advance of digital photography increased the amount of picturesque web-based publications and made this publication possible, too.
The permanent enhancement of identification keys for determination and the cost-saving publication of these in digital form can promote the taxonomy and systematics of an insect group. With the aid of additional information in form of pictures, several new characters can be applied, which were difficult to use, especially for the non-specialist, based on verbal descriptions and drawings.
This photo atlas includes more than 1,900 photographs of 82 robber-fly species and is based on material examined in private as well as public collections. An attempt was made to photograph the most important features of all species.
The content on this CD-ROM is divided into the following parts:

Identification Keys The identification keys are applicable to all species of Asilidae found in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Sweden. Using the key to subfamilies you will get to all genera and species distributed in Germany. Following this step it is recommended to verify the identification using the detailed photographs provided for every species.
The CD-ROM contains images of all species, which were known to occur in Germany until 2002. It is possible to include additional, newly recorded species in a second edition of this work.
Catalogue The catalogue lists all species included on this CD-ROM and makes access to specific species easy.
Comparison of taxa In some cases it is helpful to get an overview of taxa or compare images of closely related species on a separate page, especially so when the determination is difficult or ambiguous.
Notes This CD-ROM is only meant to provide identification keys and photographs, but lacks information on prey taxa, ecological classification, or distribution of robber flies, because these subjects have been dealt with in several other sources in print or on the internet. Nevertheless, some basic introduction is provided on these pages and it is recommended to beginners to read them prior to working with the CD-ROM.
Terminology The basis of each taxonomic and systematic work is the clarification of the morphological/scientific terminology. All used terms are explained with the use of drawings. This part does not intend to cover all terms ever applied in research on Asilidae.

This work would not have been possible without the help and stimulation of the fellow researchers, who have a great influence on the quality of this work (cf. acknowledgement). If you have comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frankfurt/Main, July 15 2003








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