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Key for the Stichopogoninae

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Two genera with four species are known from Germany - Lasiopogon with one species and Stichopogon with four species. All of them prefer habitats with sandy soils. Lasiopogon cinctus inhabits the margins of forests and clearings and can be encountered while resting on the ground. Other species of this genus are predominantly distributed in boreo-alpine habitats. Species of Stichopogon are found in open habitats and S. albofasciatus can be found in the vicinity of water bodies sitting on stones.

1 a. Facial gibbosity distinct in lateral view [Fig. 1]
Fig. 1: Lasiopogon cinctus: Head - lateral
1 b. Facial gibbosity restricted to lower facial margin or absent [Fig. 1], [Fig. 2]
. . . . . . . . . . . . Stichopogon
Fig. 1: Stichopogon schineri: Head - lateral   Fig. 2: Stichopogon albofasciatus: Head - lateral


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