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Please be aware that this CD-ROM is not intended to be exclusively used without the help of other sources. Therefore, I will introduce you to some literature to act as supplementary sources.
WEINBERG & BÄCHLI (1995) published a comprehensive key to the robber flies of Switzerland. It also contains most of the species of Central and North Europe. The key is easy and quick to use, especially in the Machimus-group. Unfortunately the drawings are of mediocre quality and are not free of mistakes. I hope that this CD-ROM is helpful in supporting this important work.
In addition there are two other dependable keys for making determinations: VEEN (1996) treats the species of the Netherlands and STUBBS & DRAKE (2001) the English fauna. A standard book is that of ENGEL (1930), who summarized the knowledge of the Palaearctic fauna. It includes the full description of all species which were known to the author and offers keys and special notes.
Those with an interest in the biology need basic language skills in French to read the best work on this subject. It is the Ph.D. thesis of MUSSO (1978), which is not published. You can ask me me for a copy on CD-ROM, because I scanned the thesis with the permission of the author.

The following list is a selection of the comprehensive literature on robber flies. There is a complete bibliography on the Internet, which can be searched using key words.

  • Keys and diagnosis

    • Engel, E.O. (1930): 24. Asilidae. - In: Lindner, E.: Die Fliegen der Paläarktischen Region. Band IV(2) (9 Teile: 1925-1930). [The Flies of the Palaearctic region in 9 parts: 1925-1930]. - 491 pp.; Stuttgart: Swizzerlanderbart [comprehensive diagnosises and keys, available from bookshops]
    • Engel, E.O. (1932): Asilidae oder Raubfliegen. [Asilidae or robber flies]. - In: Dahl, F. (Eds.): Die Tierwelt Deutschlands and der angrenzenden Meeresteile, Band 26 [The fauna of Germany and the neighbouring marine areas, Volume 26]: 127-204; Stuttgart: Fischer. [key, somewhat obsolete]
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    • Speight, M.C.D. (1988): Neoitamus cothurnatus (Diptera: Asilidae) not an Irish species. - Irish naturalists' journal 22(11): 485-487; Belfast. [key to the species of the genus Neoitamus]
    • Speight, M.C.D. (1988): Machimus cowini in The Netherlands (Diptera, Asilidae). - Entomologische Berichten. Nederlandse Entomologische Vereniging 48: 16-17; Amsterdam [diagnosis for Tolmerus cowini]
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  • Catalogues

    • Geller-Grimm, F. (1996): Faunistische Bearbeitung der Raubfliegen Hessens (Diptera: Asilidae). [Faunistic study of the robber flies from Hessen (Diptera: Asilidae)]. - Mitteilungen der Pollichia 83: 243-282; Bad Dürkheim. [Catalogue for Hessen, Germany]
    • Geller-Grimm, F. (1999): Asilidae. - In: Schumann, H. & Bährmann, R. & Stark, A. (eds.): Checkliste der Dipteren Germany. [A Check List of the Diptera of Germany]. - Studia dipterologica Supplement 2: 88-90; Halle (Saale). [Catalogue for Germany]
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    • Wolff, D.: Distribution atlas of the robber flies from Germany [new catalogue for Germany and distribution atlas] www.asilidae.de]

  • Biology

    • Dennis, D.S. & Lavigne, R.J. (1975): Comparative behavior of Wyoming robber flies II (Diptera, Asilidae). - University of Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station Science Monograph 30: 1-68; Laramie. [interesting studies of robber fly behaviour]
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    • Geller-Grimm, F. (1998): Notes on the biology of Dasypogon diadema (Fabricius, 1781) (Diptera: Asilidae). - Mitteilungen des Internationalen Entomologischen Vereins 23(1/2): 17-32; Frankfurt a.M. [an autecological study]
    • Geller-Grimm, F. (2000): Die Raubfliegen (Diptera: Asilidae) - eine interessante Insektenfamilie. [The robber flies (Diptera: Asilidae) - an interesting family of insects]. - Natur and Museum 130(1): 16-20; Frankfurt a.M. [introduction]
    • Geller-Grimm, F. (2001): Anpassungen von Raubfliegen (Asilidae) an den Lebensraum Düne. [Robber flies and their adaptation to the life on sand dunes]. - In: SandAchse Franken: Forschung and Naturschutz in Sandlebensräumen, Tagungsband. - S. 72-74; Erlangen: Universität Erlangen. [robber flies on sand dunes]
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    • Londt, J.G.H. (1994): Afrotropical Asilidae (Diptera) 26. Ethological observations, and a possible ecological classification based on habits. - Annals of the Natal Museum 35: 97-122; Pietermaritzburg. [a standard work for the ecological classification]
    • Melin, D. (1923): Contribution to the knowledge of the biology, metamorphosis and distribution of the swedish Asilids. - Zoologiska Bidrag fran Uppsala 8: 317 pp.; Uppsala. [one of the first papers on robber fly biology]
    • Musso, J.-J. (1978): Recherches sur le développement, la nutrition et l'écologie des Asilidae (Diptera - Brachycera). - 312 pp.; Aix-Marseille: These université d'droit, d'èconomie et des sciences [highly recommended, available from me]

  • In addition

    • Hull, F.M. (1962): Robber flies of the world. - Bulletin of the United States National Museum 224 (1, 2): 1-907; Washington. [key for the genera of the world (a bit outdated) with an interesting introduction








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